The Longer Lasting Feed Mixer Wagon

BvL Feed Mixer Wagons


BvL Feed Mixer Wagons

BVL Mixer Wagons range from 6.5m3 to 46m3

“Increase Productivity – Drive Profitability”
It is not just BvL’s 150 years of experience in the construction of agricultural machinery that has its reputation, it is also the German determination to succeed in products of reliability & quality. As a result of this focus, BvL’s family-owned company continue to become world leaders in innovative ideas, fully developed technology and comprehensive service.

Faster and easier mixing process for high fodder quality
Exact fodder discharge with the patented EDS system
More than 1000 variants: The right machine for every farm.
Highest quality, Made in Germany,
Reliable, sturdy and innovative technology

The patented EDS (Exact Dosing System) provides a fast and consistent discharge. With the asymmetrically arranged side doors, the fodder comes out at the widest point on the side of the mixer wagon, deposited in a loose even swath without driving over it.

Fast, with optimal volume utilization

The asymmetrically positioned counter knives guarantee an optimal interface between the two mixing chambers. With the optimised geometry of the counter knives, the BvL achieves excellent volume utilisation with a relatively low power requirement.

High degree of mixing
High volume utilisation
Low power requirement


Model V-Mix 8-1S Plus V-Mix 11-1S Plus V-Mix 15N-2S Plus V-Mix 17N-2S Plus V-Mix 20H-2S Plus V-Mix 24H-2S Plus V-Mix 27-2S Plus V-Mix 34-3S Plus V-Mix 40-3S Plus V-Mix 46-3S Plus
Capacity 8m3 11m3 15m3 17m3 20m3 24m3 27m3 34m3 40m3 46m3
Width with one side door 2130mm 2390mm 2355mm 2355mm 2355mm 2355mm 2470mm 2355mm 2470mm 2530mm
Width of Mixing Hopper 2050mm 2270mm 2270mm 2270mm 2270mm 2270mm 2370mm 2270mm 2370mm 2470mm
Overall length 4800mm 4930mm 6820mm 6860mm 6930mm 6945mm 7650mm 9335mm 9850mm 10215mm
Height 2620mm 2975mm 2450mm 2600mm 2850mm 3150mm 3200mm 3150mm 3350mm 3755mm
Empty Weight 2950kg 4100kg 6050kg 6380kg 6600kg 7000kg 8410kg 11300kg 12200kg 14000kg
Max Payload 3360kg 4620kg 6300kg 7140kg 8400kg 9830kg 10090kg 14280kg 14300kg 19000kg

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