Reduce silage stack losses

BvL Topstar Silage Block Cutter

At the heart of the Topstar operation is a unique and patented double blade system which allows for a particularly effortless, smooth and clean cut. This perfect cutting surface ensures the storage density of the silage and helps reduce fodder costs significantly; no oxygen will reach the interior of the silage.

This model pictures was demonstrated on a dairy farm in Southland, this silage was approx 25% DM and these blocks were ranging between 1200 & 1400 kgs in weight, (the wagon has scales) and was being lifted out with a 130 HP MF 5465 tractor and loading into a 16 Cubic Metre Ag Trailer silage wagon. Something that cannot be achieved with the traditional silage Shear grab.



The unique design on the Topstar allows a huge weight or cubic meterage of silage to be lifted out effortlessly with a realitively small loader.


The action of the Topstar means it actually saws the block out of the stack, meaning there is no levering action on the loader, resulting in almost zero wastage on the stack face. The cutter effectively seals the stack face as it cuts eliminating wastage on your silage stack.

  • – Smooth and clean silage clamp face – no air penetration
  • – Silage storage density is preserved – low reheating
  • – High cutting capacity

The Topstar has a capacity range from 1.65m3 to 2.90m3

Also available are the Megastar which have 2 models with huge capacity of 2.5m3 & 3.6m3 (more suitable for telehandlers and large loaders.

The Topstar or Megastar can also be mounted on a rear forklift allowing the operator to keep is bucket on the front for Palm kernal etc.

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Features & Benefits

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