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The Goweil Bale Press has proved endless opportunities since its release into New Zealand in Autumn 2006. With the value of high quality stock feeds such as maize, wholecrop silage, lucerne and mixed feed etc; the Goweil press is the ultimate solution for maximising the usage and storage of forage. Maximising quality and minimising feed losses. The Goweil Bale Press is currently being used for the storage and handling of many other products.

Sawdust able to bale sawdust.
Allow containerisation for export.

Maize Silage.
Processes high quality fine chop maize silage.

Wood shavings.
The only way to handle this product, 3m3 presses down to one bale, making it easy for storage and transport. E.g. instead of a dairy farmer getting a bulk truckload, they receive six to eight bales instead.

Post Peelings allowing distribution on flat deck trucks.

Fine chop Lucerne
Supplying high quality specialist feeds, including diet mixes etc.

Chopped Straw for the horticulture industry.

Fine chop grass from silage stacks to supply spot feed shortages.

Industrial waste.
Currently being used for processing waste in parts of Europe.
The Goweil Bale Press is highly mobile and can be towed behind a tractor or a standard truck. This is the answer to storing and handling high quality, high value stock feed.


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