Lowest depreciation on market

The flagship of the Göweil fleet. Run any baler inside the G5040 and still be a fully automatic unit.

No other combination on the market comes close to the G5040, for the following reasons:

  • Wrappers will last three to five times as long as a baler; the G5040 is good for the lifetime of three to five balers.
  • Lowest depreciation on the G5040, due to being able to replace the baler when it wears out, making this unit the most cost effective combination on the market.
  • Versatility. Variable or fixed chamber balers; when replacing the baler you can change models or brands with ease.
  • Capable. The G5040 will perform on any baleable terrain. Gӧweil’s unique transfer system makes bale transfer, even on the steepest country, a breeze. With the security of hydraulic or air brakes, high flotation tyres and pivoting tandem axle – for stability.
  • Plastic savings. A contractor doing 10,000 bales per season may save up to $10,000 per season on plastic, due to Göweil’s patented pretensioner system, giving a superior wrapping job onto the bale.

Many contractors are seeing this as the only logical combination available, due to the high performance given and the many baler options they can choose from, making this a leading combination unit on the market.


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