Choosing the best mixer wagon for your farm

Choosing the best mixer wagon for your farm

When you’re looking for a mixer wagon you want to know you’re choosing the right one that’s suited to your needs. So how do you know you’re getting the right mixer for your farm?

To simplify the decision, it pays to think about the most important things you need to get out of your machinery investment, and for most farmers it’s sure to be reliability, efficiency and value for money. 

So, where do you start? You need to be dealing with an agricultural machinery manufacturer that you can trust to produce quality equipment, and you need to know why their mixer wagon answers your needs better than the rest.

In this blog, we look at why you’ll want to use a BvL Mixer Wagon on your farm and how it’ll deliver what you’re looking for – a reliable mixer wagon designed to optimise profit and production efficiency from a manufacturer that’s globally trusted.

For more detail on the benefits of BvL Mixer Wagons, check out our product page here.

BvL – a brand you can trust

BvL has been leading the way in agricultural machinery for more than 150 years. The family-owned German based company specialises in top quality machinery for livestock farming and are known worldwide as the experts in feeding technology.

At Webbline we’re proud to bring BvL to Kiwi farmers.

Key benefits of using a BvL mixer wagon

There are many great reasons to choose to use a BvL Mixer Wagon – here’s some of the stand out benefits that might appeal to you.

  • The exact dosing systems ensure even mixing and consistent product flow of feed to your cows.
  • The anti-spill ring on the BvL Mixer Wagon prevents wastage and mess, while also increasing strength of the top bin.
  • Asymmetrical positioning of mixing wedges means optimum flow of material, and faster mixing time.
  • Maintenance is simple with the oil levels easily viewable.

At Webbline, we can tailor the correct combination of BvL Mixer Wagon benefits into a configuration that will work for your farming operation, from manoeuvrability restrictions to height limitations, all the way through to the types of feed that you will be using.

For more details, check out the full BvL Mixer Wagon product page here.

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