Goweil Bale Wrappers Make Their Mark

Over the past few decades, Goweil has established itself as a specialist in manufacturing round bale wrappers, with both the manufacturer’s G50 series and G40 Q series machines highly suitable for the Australian market. 

G50 series round bale wrappers 

Goweil Bale Wrappers are distributed Australia-wide by Webbline Agriculture, and the G50-series line-up is led by the G5020, which is an ideal machine for professionals who need to operate on multiple sites. 

Boasting a twin wrapping arm, the machine utilises the Profi program control, which automatically controls the wrapping cycle, the process of holding and cutting the film, as well as the bale deposit when the bae has been wrapped. 

The G5020 Inliner is designed along almost identical lines to the G5020, albeit with some modifications, but is pulled directly behind the baler, eliminating the need for a separate tractor and driver.  It also comes with the Profi program control as standard, which turns the entire work flow into a fully automatic process. 

Similar to the larger machines in the G50 range, the G5012 trailed round wrapper comes with a twin wrapping arm, but is fitted with the Standard program control where bales are picked up manually using the electronic joystick. The processes of wrapping, film holding and cutting are started automatically, with the bale deposit being initiated at the push of a button. 

The G5010 is the smallest in the G50-series line-up and has a single wrapping arm, but is the perfect entry level machine for professional users. 

Fitted with the Standard program control, the G5010 is compact and agile, allowing it to be pulled by lower horsepower tractors. 

Across the G50 series, the range offers an extremely convenient mode of operation. With the work position sitting to the right-hand side of the machine, the bales can be picked up from the front and dropped off towards the rear in the baler’s direction of travel. 

The robust and solid construction of the G50 series wrappers ensures an exceptionally long life and, while the wide and compact design makes for agile performance and adaptability to sloping positions, the low centre of gravity makes the machines highly manoeuvrable. 

The range has a rotating arm with a stationary wrapping table, which prevents the bales from falling off as the bale itself isn’t subject to any centrifugal force. The conveyor belts and four rotating bale guide rollers guarantee that the bale will continually move forward and, consequently, ensure a uniform overlap of film. 

When the bale is dropped, the wrapping table lowers all the way to the ground for a gentle deposit of the bales. 

G40 Q series square bale wrappers 

The G4010 Q Profi is a stationary machine powered by a 17.5kW Kubota diesel engine, has a twin wrapping arm and is controlled by the Profi program control with a radio remote control. 

This wrapper makes it possible to wrap square bales with a length of up to two metres. One feature that comes in particularly handy is the ability to wrap double bales. This feature increases performance and cuts down film consumption by up to 20%. Another major advantage the G4010 G Profi has to offer is the capacity to wrap both square and round bales. 

The G4020 Q Profi is a trailed machine with a twin wrapping arm and hydraulic bale pick-up, and is the machine that delivers the one of the highest levels of performance of any square bale wrapper.  

Thanks to the Profi program control, the execution of all cycles is fully automatic, making working with the machine as easy and comfortable as possible. 

Across the G40 range, rotating rollers are arranged on both sides and connected to each other with tie rods. This produces a controlled force which, in conjunction with the wide and continuous belt, generates a clamping effect on the bales. The wrapper is able to guide the bale securely even with rectangular bale dimensions, or if it is misshapen. A quick adjustment can adapt the belt length to different bale dimensions. 

For more information on the Goweil G50 and G40 series, contact distributors Webbline Agriculture on 1800 125 500 or by emailing [email protected].

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