New eBook: How to increase milk production without increasing feed costs

New eBook How to increase milk production without increasing feed costs

A high, consistent volume of milk is the foundation of any successful dairy farm. Whether you’re an independent farmer, sharemilker or contractor, the objective is the same.

In our new eBook, “How to increase milk production without increasing feed costs” we look at these issues and explain how a mixer wagon can help you can get the best possible volume and quality of milk from your animals. If you want to increase efficiency, improving milk production is the key and our eBook can show you how to do just that.

Want to learn more about how you can increase your milk production and overall dairy efficiency? Download our new eBook here.

A successful dairy operation relies on safe, quality milk from well nourished and healthy animals. As part of this, you need to get cows off to a good start, properly navigate the lactation process and ensure they receive the right nutrients. After all, these elements have the biggest impact on the health and performance of your cows and therefore the profitability of your farm.

So, where do you start? Look at the following factors which you can control and how these can be improved:

  • Consider the dry period nutrition and management of animals following calving as these are essential for good health and performance. If your herd is not performing as expected, re-evaluate your dry cow programme.
  • Optimise feed by ensuring your animals are getting the amount and the nutrients they need to stay well. For example, vitamin E and selenium help reduce the impact of oxidative stress such as poor air quality, disease and injury/lameness, which decreases the efficiency of immune system function.
  • To improve the overall health of your herd, give extra attention to cows with a predisposition towards problems. Animals with a history of milk fever, ketosis or mastitis are likely to get these conditions again so take preventative measures where possible to reduce risk.
  • Environmental factors also play an important role in milk production. Animals should have permanent access to the feed and drinking water.

Using a mixer wagon can help you achieve these goals, by supporting healthy animals and optimum milk production. By measuring each ration so it includes the correct amount of minerals and ensures feed has greater digestibility, it increases feed intake, reduces disease, and gives you more days to milk. Increasing milk output is an essential step in maximising dairy operations, so it’s understandable that this is a significant consideration.

To find out more about how a wagon mixer can help you improve your operation, check out our new eBook. In it we cover:

  • Key factors that impact milk production, and how to best approach them
  • How a mixer wagon can play an important role in increasing milk production
  • Other key benefits that mixer wagons can bring to your farming operation
  • And more.

Want to learn more about how you can increase your milk production and overall dairy efficiency? Download our new eBook here.

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